Make bring to your note that international company of Elmi Sazan Part( ELSAPA) performs in providing technical knowledge, required chemicals and polymer, has branches in Tehran and Australia( ELSAPA Australia PTY Ltd), this company is ready to cooperate with other companies and industries. This company has attracted attentions of many petrochemical, oil and gas industries by presenting appropriate services by the aid of professional technical and traders personnel from authentic universities of Iran and direct relationship with interior and foreigner major providers,.

The products which are provided as fast as possible with Competitive price with different size of package are listed below:

  1. Acids: Sulfuric acid, Acetic acid, Nitric acid, Citric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid, Sulfonic acid and Sodium hypo chloride
  2. Glycols: mono ethylene glycol( MEG), diethylene glycol( DEG), tri ethylene glycol( TEG), polyethylene glycol( PEG), mono propylene glycol( MPG).
  3. Aromatics: phenol, monomer styrene, toluene, ortho xylene( o-xylene), para xylene( p-xylene), and mix xylene
  4. Alcohols: methanol, diethyl hexanol, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol
  5. Bases: caustic soda, liquid soda and ammonia solution 19%.
  6. Carbonates: heavy sodium carbonate, light sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate.
  7. Amines: monoethanol amine, diethanol amine, triethanol amine and ammonium chloride.
  8. Solvents: acetone, hydrogen peroxide, butyl acetate, methyl acetate and ethyl methyl ketone.
  9. STPP( sodium tripoly phosphate), SHMP( sodium hexameta phosphate) and metabisulfite.
  10. ABS( acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PVC( poly vinyl chloride)
  11. Polymeric additives: different grades of ELSAPO additives, Aluminum, Zinc, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium stearate( Soap).
  12. Thermoplastics: polyethylene( PE), polypropylene( PP), polyacetal, invigorated polyacetal semi invigorated polyacetal, vulnerable polyacetal, PPO, EVA, different grades of polyamide and polycarbonate.
  13. Elastomers: Natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber SBR( 1502 and 1500 grade)
  14. Thermoplastics- Elastomers: TPV( crystalline and black granule), POE, TPU, TPE, SBS, SEBS

Other chemicals and polymers are provided by ordering.

For more information of price and list of products refer to online shopping website: www.elsapaco.com